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In 2002, AFTER deterring from Swezey’s Department Store,John and Dori Swezey purchased SHCM

In 2005 we partnered with Southwest Marina, with Joe Cioffi and Charlie Landman, specializing in all aspects of boat repair and maintenance.


We are located in East Moriches, 1.5 miles from Moriches Inlet, known for the world class fishing. We are also directly across from Westhampton’s Cupsague Beach. Our marina is on the north side of Moriches Bay.

Swezey's Harts Cove Marina




     Moriches Inlet, known for exceptional fishing, is a popular destination for our customers. Striped Bass, Fluke, Porgies and Blackfish, even Sharks (?) are plentiful.



     Also popular, “Canyon Fishing”. The gulf stream is … miles offshore. Tuna:yellowfin,bluefin and albacore,mahi, marlin are just a few varieties of fish you will find there.

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